Monday, January 21, 2013

Accent Nail

I have to admit, I'm not the most fashionable.  I don't keep up on current trends.  I couldn't even try to tell you what kinds of clothes are popular right now.  But one trend that I have been keeping up with is in the nail polish world.  Now, I should probably thank Hannah and Danielle, because without them I would still be in the dark.  And that trend is...

an accent nail!

Butter London British Racing Green with Sephora by OPI The Golden Age
Essie Tea and Crumpets with China Glaze Pizzazz
Color Club By Design with OPI Goldeneye
As much as I love glitter, I wouldn't want to paint all ten of my nails in glitter...mostly because it's a pain in the behind to get off.  But two nails?  That's perfect!  It's just enough glitter to spice of my manicure, but at the end of the week it doesn't take an hour to take off my polish.



  1. The accent nail is my favorite!! As for taking off glitter, go to Target and get the acetone "dip it", it's just a little pot that you dip your nail in and it has scrubbers on the sides and takes ALL polish off in a flash! Plus it eliminates all the mess of using cotton balls or the foil method :)

  2. I am wearing The Golden Age on my ring finger AS I TYPE! :) It's kind of freaking me out as I've never done "accent nail" before but it is pretty cute

    xx BHB