Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brita Bottle with Filter

These water bottles are freaking awesome.  They have a built in filter!  That's great for college life because if I'm on the go, I can fill up my bottle at any water fountain around campus and the filter makes the water taste a lot better!  I'm a bit of a water snob...I hate the way a lot of tap water tastes.  Plus, the bottles are BPA free!  I have the purple and dark blue. :)


p.s., I'm guest posting over at The Blonde Prep today!  I hope you'll check out my post and Frannie's blog!


  1. I really need one of those! They don't sell bottled water at my college because they're trying to be sustainable, so it would really help to get a Brita bottle to filter the tap water. Thanks for sharing!