Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas via Instagram

I wish there was some way that I could recap my entire Christmas for y'all...because let me tell you, it was FABULOUS!  So instead of boring y'all, I thought I'd let you peek into my instagram.

While out walking my dog one night, I noticed that one of my neighbors had this light up flamingo with a Santa had in their yard.  I couldn't help but take a picture because it was so cute!  My roommate and I had seen the flamingo at Target before we left for break, but it was so much cuter all lit up!

Each year my sister and I get a new ornament for the Christmas tree.  Sometimes my Mom surprises us and sometimes we picked out one we want.  My sister usually gets a new Barbie ornament, but I don't have a specific theme.  For a while, I would get a new Irish dancer each year, but since I stopped dancing I haven't gotten a new dancer.  This year, I helped my mom pick out this Lilly monogrammed ornament!  I love it and I'm planning to hang it up all year round since it's not specifically Christmas.

My mom tries to get a new beagle ornament every year since we have Alice and we had another beagle before her!  We found this one on super clearance at Home Goods after Christmas last year.  I believe it is a royal wedding has a tutu and a feather headpiece!  It's so silly (and my dad doesn't think it's that cute...) but it always makes me smile!

Here are some of my other favorite ornaments.  (And yes, those little babies are me!)  We have a lot of glass ornaments that were my Dad's aunt's.  They're really special to us and we make sure they get a special place on the tree!  This is the first year that I recall hanging up the pink and green ones...but what Sweet Briar Vixen could say no?!

Another Christmas tradition we have is that on Christmas Eve my sister and I both get a new pair of pajamas.  We didn't want to deprive our sister, Alice of this great tradition.  So my sister gave Alice these PJ's on Christmas Eve!  Surprisingly, Alice LOVES them.  She's slept in them for the past few nights.

I hope y'all are having just as great of a vacation as I am!  What has been your favorite part of break?



  1. Super cute blog! Newest follower! xo.

    I'd love for you to check out my fashion blog and follow along, too! xx.

  2. I love that pink flamingo! The coolest light up ornament I saw on my walks this holiday was a light up T-Rex with a santa hat, holding a present. So cute/ hilarious!

    Charlee Anne @

  3. Your Christmas looks pretty darn awesome! Love the pup's little outfit!

    Love your blog and can't wait to follow along!

    It's an Easy Life]

  4. ha love the pjs alice is wearing. super cute ornament.