Monday, January 7, 2013

Haircare Routine

When it comes to hair and beauty, I'm generally a pretty simple gal.  I'll use whatever my sister or mom leave in my shower and I only put on makeup if it's deemed extremely necessary.  However, I've finally found hair products that do something for my hair without breaking the bank!

I have thick, curly hair, so it's often really unruly and hard to tame!  I used to throw it up into a bun everyday because that was the easiest way to maintain my mane.  Recently, I've learned that if you read the shampoo bottle often they claim to do something...moisturize, add shine, tame curly hair, etc.  I'm not going to say this products are miracle workers - they're not.  I still have to straighten my hair to look presentable.  But they've made my hair a lot more smooth and moisturized when I do straighten it.

I've also started using a heat protectant spray...I know, I know, I should have been using this for a long time.  Lastly, I've been using either It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product or Organix Moroccan/Argan Oil (not pictured).

What products do you use in your hair?  I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions of products you think I should try!



  1. I love and use that shampoo and conditioner! It doesn't work miracles but it sure does make a difference.

    Recently I've been using the brazilian keratin conditioner from organix...I really like it. I don't have curly hair (more on the wavy side) but also long and thick.

    I need to buy heat protectant spray (eek!), but I only blow dry my hair; I stopped using curling iron/straightener about a year ago. But still! I'm going to try out the one you have suggested.

    I'm also a huge fan of coconut oil - I do a coconut oil deep conditioning mask about once a week. Coat hair with coconut oil and put up in a bun, leave it in for about a half hour, wash out.

    Other than that, I'm pretty boring haha.

    1. I would totally recommend the Tresemme spray! It's really cheap, so if you don't like if you haven't wasted a lot of money!

      I need to invest in a new deep conditioner. I used to use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle but I ran out and I just haven't picked up something new yet!

  2. I love the Organix shampoos. I have to try those knot hair ties... I've had my eye on them. I have such thick hair with a lot of it's own wave and curl, so I tend to give up in the morning and just throw it up due to time. Have a great Monday!


  3. I love the clear shampoo and conditioner. I use it's a 10 every single day to help comb my hair after i have showered. I usually wear it up in a pony tail or braid. Everyone once in a while i will flat iron it and I should start using heat protectant stuff again...

  4. p.s. it's a 10 protects from heat so I am good. (Just read the back of my bottle) :)

  5. I use the blue Moroccan oil shampoo/ conditioner too! I switched over to another one for a while but it dried out my hair even more so I'm back to it!

  6. I use the same shampoo and conditioner! It works wonders on my hair. I also take biotin because my hair tends to break in the winter