Friday, January 4, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer Sale

Image from Hannah's blog - Polish and Pajamas
Y'all should go check out Hannah's blog - she's the sweetest person ever and I'm so excited
to see what she does with her new blog this year!

Hey y'all!  If you haven't checked out the Lilly Pulitzer Sale, you have until midnight tonight!  There are still some awesome deals...especially on agendas (which last until the end of 2013!)

Although Lilly advertised that the sale was going to start around 8am, when I woke up at 7:20, I checked the website and the sale stuff was already up!  Some of my friends said they were up shopping the sale as early as 5am!  Although I am disappointed that I missed the one item I was hoping to snag (a murfee!), I got some awesome deals!

First, I picked up the Allaire dress.  It retails for $188, and I got it for $14!  I figured I can easily pair this with a colored cardigan while it's still chilly to wear to work in the admissions office.  When it gets warmer, I can add a pop of color with my hot pink Stephen Salario sandals!

Next, I got this Jonah for $19!  It usually sells for $168!  My friend Sarah, who is a similar shape and size as me, raves about this style dress and it always looks great on her!  I couldn't help but pick it up and hope it would look great on me, too!

This was kind of an impulse's the Elsa top in Fancy Fest.  If you look really closely, although the print appears to be houndstooth, it's actually little cats!  The Elsa top is usually $158, but I picked up this one for only $19!  I'm hoping to pair it with my new green jeans or a pair of black minnie pants!

I also got a pair of straight leg jeans...but I can't find a picture of them anywhere.  They're just typical dark wash denim though.  They usually cost $158 and I paid $19!

In total, I spent $71 for $672 worth of clothes!

What were you able to get in the sale?


p.s., Because I live so close to the Pink Palace and I ordered fairly early, a few of my things were already delivered today!  Way to go, Lilly!  I was so glad that the New Year Cheer sale ran much more smoothly than the Endless Summer Sale in August.


  1. I got the Allaire and Jonah, too! I also picked up a Hawthorne top, which I don't think was popular. I love it!! I'm so jealous your stuff will be here today.

  2. Ok you got CRAZY deals. The sale wasn't working on my phone until a few minutes before 8! I checked early too. But those are great! Thanks for the link back and sweet comment :)

    1. You got some great deals, too! I love that Clare dress...I've had my eye on it for a while but I won't pay full price. But the time I saw it yesterday they were already out of my size.

  3. Very nice!! I ordered a DZ Lilly Print photo frame, it was half price. :) Wishing I could have gotten some clothes!

  4. Woah those are awesome deals!!!

  5. Such awesome steals!! Love the first dress!!

  6. Depressing fact: Lilly Pulitzer's site doesn't ship to Canada yet :( It's such a tease to see everyone's Lilly hauls haha.

    Charlee Anne @

  7. I am still annoyed that the start time changes (especially unfair for us west coasters) BUT I did get two tops and a seahorse ornament!