Monday, February 11, 2013

I think today I'll....


Friday night I started my birthday weekend with another trip to Wintergreen (awesome awesome night, by the way!)  Saturday night I was able to go out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with my friends from school, and Sunday night a bunch of my friends had their comedy show here on campus! Not the most exciting celebration, but it was enough for me!  Next year is the big 2-1, and I'm already thinking about how I'd like to celebrate! (I'm thinking a weekend get away at Snowshoe in WV or Massanutten in VA...but I have 365 days to figure that out!)

the now 20 year old Rebecca


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your day!!!!

  2. ahhh happy birthday!!!! Hope you have an amazing day filled with lots of cake and people you love!!!

    xx Ani

  3. Happy Birthday, gorgeous! Hope your day is full of surprises. xo