Monday, March 11, 2013

I rarely shop at Forever 21.  Not because I hate the clothes or anything...but because the stores are usually so unorganized and overwhelming that I just leave because I get frustrated.  I've been wanting some new jewelry lately..nothing expensive, but something to spruce up a few of my outfits.  Instead of going into the store, I looked on the website first to see if there was anything I liked.  I was so surprised with what I found!

How perfect would some of these pieces be for spring?  I'm going to pop into the store today while I'm at the mall...hopefully I find a few of these things without having a panic attack!

Do you shop at Forever 21?


  1. I rarely go in there for the exact same reasons, but I have to admit that the last time I was there they had some fun jewelry, and it's not nearly as overwhelming to look at as the clothes are!!

  2. I love forever 21 even though it is a chaotic mess in there. Although I did read that there is a method to their madness. Those bow rings are really cute, i'll probably look for them online. Thanks for the info :)

  3. Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores! Except the Forever 21 near me isn't messy, which is a good thing because then it's easy to find everything. Their jewelry is great!


  4. Forever 21 has some of the cutest earrings! If you have a For Love 21 near you, you should check it out! It's the Forever 21 accessory store and I find it to be a lot less messy and chaotic!