Friday, March 15, 2013

If y'all have never heard of Ebates, you're missing out!

In simple terms, many online retailers participate in Ebates.  When you show through the link on their site, you get a percentage of your total back in cash.  Ebates will either pay you by check or through your paypal account.

If you do ANY type of shopping online, you NEED to check out Ebates!  After Christmas shopping, I got a $34 check!  Essentially, I got paid to buy Christmas gifts.

You sold?
Make your account and start shopping!  If you use this link, I'll get a referral credit.  But you can just sign onto the ebates website if you don't want to use my link!  Either way, start shopping and start getting cash back!



  1. I love using Ebates, but it is so hard to remember sometimes!

  2. I've always been skeptical of eBates, so it's good to hear that it actually works! I will definitely check it out now!