Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Five Things I Wish I Knew About Foxfield Before I Went

1.  Floppy hats aren't only for looks
Ladies, although floppy monogrammed sunhats look great with your sundress, they're also quite useful.  I regret not having one!  I got sunburn in my scalp from where my hair was parted, but this could have been easily avoided with a floppy hat!  Don't worry y'all, Mama Mill has already come to the rescue and ordered a hat for next year.

2. There will be no cell reception
If you plan on meeting up with any friends who aren't going to be at your plot, make sure to arrange a meeting time and place BEFORE you get to the race.  I was so glad that kKh had told me where her plot was so I was able to easily meet up with her!  Unfortunately, although I did know where eCm's plot was, finding her was a little more tricky.  Luckily, she was able to find my plot!

3. If you don't put on sunscreen religiously you will regret it
Enough said...I regret it.

4. You will not do any homework the next day
I spent most of Sunday until about 2 or 3pm just laying in bed.  I was sore (from who knows what?!) and just exhausted!  I should have planned better the week before and done more work.

5. If your plot is between two neighboring UVa frats, you might have more fun than you bargained for
Our plot was between two of UVa's frats who had a lot of mutual friends.  To say the least, our quaint, quiet plot was taken over by rowdy frat guys.  It was actually more fun this way because the one frat had music set up and it provided more entertainment. 



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