Monday, April 15, 2013

I admit I have been a TERRIBLE blogger lately!  There is no excuse, but as a means to get back into the swing of things, all week I'll be featuring some of my favorite outfits for spring/summer!

In the spring, I'm all about throwing on a pair of shorts and a top and heading out.  Classes are starting to pile on the work, clubs are finishing up last minute requirements, and it's already time to start thinking about next semester!  Although I don't have a pair of denim shorts, I'm hoping to pick up the pair I featured from J. Crew Factory.  They'd be great to pair with any kind of top, a pair of sandals, and some quick jewelry.


p.s., I'm looking for some guest posters for the week of May 6th as I wrap up my semester and begin final exams.  If any of y'all are interested, just leave a comment or email me! :)


  1. Love this outfit! Cute, but comfy. I'd love to guest post!!