Friday, May 10, 2013

Although I'm not participating in "Blog Everyday In May,"  I really liked one of their posts, so I'd thought I'd do it here!  I might do a few more of their posts in the future, the creator Jenni came up with some really good ideas!

The prompt was "A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words)."  However, some of my favorite bloggers did "A Day In My Life" posts, which I thought were super fun and interesting to read!

Since school is just about to end (as in I'm taking my only sit down final today and I'm going home tomorrow!), I thought I'd outline a school day!

7:30am : Wake up (no alarm, but alarm is set for 8:00am just in case)
7:30-7:45am : Check instagram, email, etc.
7:45-8:15am : Shower, get dressed (inevitably in norts and a t-shirt)
8:15-9am : Breakfast in Prothro (our cafeteria) with friends
(Hoping it's a Thursday - that's glazed donut day!)
9-12pm : Class.  I usually have all of my classes in the morning so I can work in the afternoon.
12-1pm : Lunch in Prothro
1-5pm : Work on homework or go to work (I have two campus jobs)
5pm (on the dot) : Dinner in Prothro
6-10:30 or 11pm : Homework, meetings, events, etc. (Mostly lots of homework and studying!)
11pm : Goodnight! (Yes, I'm aware this makes me practically geriatric...I just like my beauty rest!  I refuse to pull all-nighters!)

What does a typical day in your life look like?
Would you be interested in me documenting a day in my life in photos over the summer?



  1. Just curious, does SB only have one food venue? We have a main cafeteria and then 2 other dining locations here. I like reading about other people's everyday lives, so I think you should do it over the summer too!

    Good luck on your last final! Almost there!!

  2. I love these peeks into other people's lives! You should definitely do more! Haha!

    Good luck on your final and be safe going home!