Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guest Post : Kate from Kate the (Almost) Great

Today instead of life with rMe, we have life with Kate!  I was thrilled when my bloggy friend Kate volunteered to guest post for me!  Kate is an amazing woman and I knew that whatever she wrote would be perfect!  I gave her free-reign and, as I expected, I'm not disappointed!  After you read her post, I hope you'll hop over to her blog and see what she's up to these days!


Good morning! Or afternoon, evening, whatever time of day it is. My name is Kate Mitchell, and I’ll be filling in for my friend Rebecca today. You may know me as the author of Aureole, a Jane Austen-inspired contemporary novel published last year, or as the blogger behind Kate the (Almost) Great. [To check out the blog and/or learn more about me, or my book, see]

If you’re new to me, hi! I’m Kate. I’m a 22-year-old (well, almost 22) college graduate who starts teaching 9th grade this coming school year. I’m an author, an arthritis advocate, a J. Crew addict, a coffee lover, and a baker. I know that sounds like a lot – and it definitely is. That’s why I’m invading Rebecca’s blog to talk about 5 things I rely on to maintain balance and still get everything done.

1.     A Planner
It really helps me to have everything down and in one place. Deadlines, whether for business or for school? Write ‘em down. Appointments, goals, notes to yourself … write ‘em down. Having them all in one place that you regularly update and check really helps stay sane when you have a million things to do. But regularly updating and checking it is the most important part. It doesn’t help you if you sparingly look at it!

2.     A To-Do List
Making many, many lists runs in my family, and I caught the bug from my dad. For me, a busy weekend or day isn’t complete without a list of everything that needs to get done. Plus, it’s super satisfying checking off those items.

3.     A Routine
I would not be able to get through my day or my week without a routine. My routines help me get those things on my to-do list crossed off. Say that it’s 5pm, I’m home from school/work, and have a long night of work ahead of me. The last thing I want to do is work out. But luckily my routine has me working out every morning, so I know that I don’t have to worry about that. That’s just one example, but you can see how a routine gets things done and helps reduce how much you worry about the smaller elements of your life.

4.     A Cup of Coffee
A cup of coffee every morning is part of my routine. But it also wakes me up and gets me ready to face the challenges ahead of me every day. Like I said, I’m a coffee lover. My morning isn’t complete without some caffeine to pump me up and get me ready to go.

5.     A Bit of Free Time. Every. Day.
But probably the most important part of my day – yes, more important than coffee – is my free time. On the average day during the school year (this will continue when I’m teaching), I go non-stop from 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM. In order to continue my sanity and keep me in touch with the world, I make sure that I have some free time every single day. And I try to get some throughout the day, too. I start my day with yoga, which is free time, and then have some nice other breaks during the day, like when I first get home and in the hour or so before I go to bed. Without them, I’d probably lose my sanity. Make sure that you schedule some free time for yourself, too!

Thanks for reading this and listening to me ramble. And thanks to Rebecca for letting me commandeer her blog!



  1. Kate & I have a lot in common! I'm 22, just finished teaching 9th grade, and I certainly rely on those things to maintain balance in this whirlwind I call life! I will definitely check out her blog in the future :)

  2. Hi Coral! Glad you liked it. It does sound like we have a lot in common! I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one who relies on those things to maintain balance. Thanks for stopping by!