Friday, May 3, 2013

I've been seeing a lot of people do "Friday Five" and I thought I would join in!  Today's five has to do with...

summer shoes.

This is partly because I am soooo sick of wearing close-toed shoes, I want warmer weather, and I want summer.

Friday 5

1 / Wedges
Although I don't have this pair from Jack Rogers (but I SOOOO wish I did!) a pair of wedges is a great addition to your summer shoe wardrobe.  I have a white cork pair that I've worn a few times.  They're perfect to throw up with a sundress or even maybe with some fancier shorts for a night out?
2 / Flip Flops
This one seems pretty's summer.  You're probably going to the pool or the beach.  You probably don't want to get your $120 Jacks you get plastic flip flops.
3 / Jack Rogers
I'm not even going to make a comment on these...I wear my Jacks so much that my silver pair actually just broke and I had to order a new pair!  I wear them practically everyday that it's warm enough.
4 / "Dressy" Flip Flops
For that outfit that is somewhere between wedges and flip flops...
5 / Sneakers
Going to the gym?  Taking your dog for a walk?  Yeah, I think sneakers is pretty self explanatory.


  1. I wanted #1 so so bad when I first saw them! Then I saw the price! haha!! They are adorable, but i personally can't justify the price.

  2. I have #2 and #3 (same colors). I have good taste.

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