Monday, May 20, 2013

Tech Obsessed

I'm going to start a new "column" (going back to my roots in student newspapers!) to talk about technology, apps, HTML, blogging, social media, and all other things computer related!  In simple words, I love technology.  Not only because it can enhance and simplify my life, but because it brings opportunities I wouldn't otherwise be so fortunate to have!

So to start out with...I thought I'd tell y'all about how I stay connected.


Needless to say, I have a few things to keep me connected at all times.  An iPad 2, Nook simple touch, iPhone 4 (which I'm hoping to trade in for an iPhone 5 soon!), iPods, cameras, headphones... Keeping up to date on the latest social media, news, and even my friends tweets is no difficult task when all it takes is the swipe of a screen or tuning in to the radio.  Keeping track of my own life is easy - snap a few pics on my iPhone or really capture the details with a DSLR.  Need to relax?  Read a book on my nook or listen to some Mumford and Sons on my iPod. 

As you can see, (and as embarrassed as I am to say it..) my life depends on my technology.  To keep things in order, to keep things calm and

What kind of tech things are you interested in hearing about?  Do you depend on technology as much as I do?



  1. I definitely depend on technology as much as you do. I'd love to hear more about how you use your iPad vs. Nook, as well as what kind of apps you use the most with your iPhone and iPad! An app review or highlight every now and then would be great!

  2. Oh girl , this title just reminds me of time while I was an editor of Tech section of my school mag ;) I am obsessed with technology . I almost check my blog | twitter |Emails after minutes ;)
    If you ever plan to do post project on tech , I would surely take part :)
    I invite you to join my blog hop Grab A Friend
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. Take your time switching to the iPhone 5. I kind of wish I hadn't... my mom & Nick are the only people I know with the 5 so it's hard to find chargers when hanging out with friends lol but it also wigs out and goes super slow at times. It could totally be a user error because I'm no good with technology, but still, the iPhone 5 case I got was significantly more expensive than the same design for a 4/4s!