Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This week isn't a "what" I'm loving Wednesday, but rather a who I'm loving Wednesday.

I've recently met two of the most amazing people of course, I'm taking today to talk all about them and their blogs.  I hope you'll visit their blogs so you can see how awesome they are for yourself! Eleanor and Quincy are my Smart Girls Sisters (more on the Smart Girls Group soon...I promise!), so today I'm showing some of my #SGGLove!

Eleanor writes the blog Choose Joy.  Her blog is a wonderful mix of photography and well-thought out and beautifully written posts as Eleanor journeys through college, life, and finding her place in this big old world.  Recently, she began writing some posts about being kind to yourself.  Eleanor, an English major (I'm pretty sure!), is a great writer and I know y'all will enjoy this post and all her other posts, too!

Quincy currently writes Barn To Charm, but she'll be changing her blog and URL soon, so keep an eye out for her new blog!  Quincy is seriously one of the most awesome high schoolers I know!  In addition to Barn to Charm, she also writers for The Smart Girls Group blog called The Loop.  You have to check out this post of hers, Know You Are Powerful.  

Check out their blogs and show them some love!


Will I be seeing any of y'all at the Lilly Warehouse sale tomorrow?  My friend Bess and I will be getting in line around...1:30am.  Call us crazy, but we've always had great luck getting in line so early and getting in early.  Here's to some awesome bargains and some fun with my best friend!



  1. Oh my! I love you, Rebecca. You are so so so sweet.

  2. This is so cute! I will be checking their blogs out!

    Love reading your blog!