Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's In My Bag?

As you read this, I'm either getting ready to embark on my train ride to Washington, D.C., or I'm somewhere between Lancaster and D.C.  Either way, I'm going to be spending around 6 hours on the train between today and Saturday.  I'm the kind of girl that can't stand to be bored.  Whether it's a good playlist or a book, I need something to keep myself busy!

Although carry-on bags for a train ride are a little different than what I would carry onto a plane (for instance, you can bring liquids on the train), for the most part, I would bring the same things.

A few helpful hints:

When I'm traveling with a large tote bag, I like to keep my money, cards, and ID in a wristlet that can be carried separately if needed.  I especially like this one from Lilly Pulitzer because my iPhone fits in the front compartment as well.

For train trips or roadtrips by car, I always carry a water bottle and some type of snack.  My Brita water bottle is usually my first choice because I don't have to worry about finding safe water to fill my bottle up with.  I can fill my bottle at the water fountain in the train station and know that the filter will make it taste great!  I also like to bring a small, easy to eat, non-messy snack, like a granola bar or cliff bar.  You never know when a train will get delayed or the snack car will run out of something you like.

I like to bring my Nook because it's light and I can load two or three new books on for my trip, but a real book is perfect, too!  Pick something interesting that you've been wanting to read for a while!

Finally, I like to throw in a bottle of hand sanitizer because trains and train stations aren't the cleanest places.  I'm a bit of a neat-freak, so any kind of dirt freaks me out!

What do you keep in your carry on bag?



  1. Where I live, we don't have trains... I want to ride one some day! But when I travel to the states I take on my carry on my Ipad, My wallet, My phone and maybe my IPOD.. I don't have all my music on my phone.


  2. Mine looks a lot like yours!! I always carry an umbrella for those sudden downpours, too. Have a great time!

  3. How exciting! Have fun on your trip!

    And thanks for letting the inner creep in me investigate your bag innards :p
    Mine is just about the same - with the inclusion of a sleep mask because those long hauls are the best for naps!

  4. im with ya! I cannot sit stil.. load on the books and magazines!

    good luck traveling!!

  5. Have fun here in DC! Hopefully the rain will clear!

    I love my husband's kindle for reading, more so than my ipad! I've also begun to religiously carry tide stain pens anywhere I go. I'll have to check out your water bottle!

  6. A good read,sunnies,and a Iphone are a must for me! Cute post!


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