Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Midweek Motivation

Two posts in one day?  Crazy, I know!

Wednesdays are a tricky day of the week.  It's the middle of the've finished everything that you put off over the weekend, but you've still got to get through a few more days until Friday afternoon rolls around.  For me, I'm always in some kind of slump on Wednesdays.  What a better way to get through the day than with a little motivation and inspiration?

When I saw this quote, I knew I had to share it with y'all.  I (and I know I'm not the only one!) put so much pressure on myself to do everything to my fullest capability.  I'm not saying you should bs things just to get them done, but making progress is just as commendable as finishing something.  So until you have the skills and time to do something perfectly, working on it is just as great!

On the same note,
"Imperfect progress is STILL progress..."

How do you get through your midweek slump?


  1. Oh my goodness this was just what I needed to read for today!

    xoxo, Julianna {}

  2. I LOVE THIS QUOTE! I am just like you...trying to make everything I work on perfect. It's exhausting! Sometimes I need to remember to slow down and put some things on the back burner.

  3. This is definitely part of my little loving reminder I tell myself when i'm feeling down. That I'm where I'm meant to be, on the right path, and that it's okay to move at my own pace as long as I am moving towards my goals & making progress. :) This brightened my Wednesday evening, thank you!
    Charlee Anne @ The Preppy Graduate