Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Midweek Motivation

With August just around the corner, it's, unfortunately, time to start thinking about going back to school.  I'll move back to Sweet Briar on August 20th, help with orientation for a few days, and begin my junior year on the 29th!  It will be a whirlwind of a week, but, dare I say it, I'm actually kind of excited to get back to school.  School means routine, money (I work two campus jobs), and friends.  I don't know what more I could really ask for!

With the new school year starting, it gives us a chance to start over, learn from our mistakes, and make the future better.  So regardless of if you didn't do so well last semester, or you fought with a friend over the summer, use the new school year as a motivation to study more and get better grades, rekindle those friendships, have fun, and be happy.

Am I the only one ready to go back to school?


  1. Can you believe you will be a Junior?! Crazy, right?! I must admit that it is going to be sooo bizarre not to go back to Mary Wash in the fall! I'm kinda sad that I'm not, actually. But I'm looking forward to only taking one class this fall instead of 5!

  2. I am ecstatic to go back to school! I've always been the person who is ready to go back in June. Whoops, but what can I say? I absolutely adore learning, and I can't wait to start helping out with my school's football team again!

  3. Thanks for this :) Oddly enough it's fitting with my life right now even though I'm not going back to school for the first time ever. This is definitely going to be my mantra in the comming months dealing with what's going on in my life!!

  4. I am always excited to start a new semester.. are you doing a back to school supplies post anytime soon? :)

  5. This just makes me miss school more. i don't know why. But school is like a magical place where I find myself having lots of energy.

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  6. I love the idea of going back to school. It's like a fresh start in the middle of the year! Though I'm sad to see my friends start going back before me, and to places all over the country, I'm excited to see where our adventure take us :)