Monday, July 15, 2013

Plum Paper Designs Planner

A few weeks ago I did a post about picking the perfect planner.  Since then, I've still been debating about which planner to choose!  I've been looking online to see if there were any more options, because as much as I liked the Erin Condren Life Planner and the Whitney English Day Designer, I couldn't see spending $50 for a planner.

The other day, jDl from Preppin' Post Grad posted about a new planner that I hadn't heard of!

First of all, how cute is this?
It's the 2013 & 2014 Planner from Plum Paper Designs.

The best part, in my opinion, about this planner?  The design of the inside is practically identical to the Erin Condren planner....and it's only $30!

There are two options for the weekly view, but option one is verrrrry similar to the EC planner!

Plum Paper Designs has 45 different cover designs, so there is surely to be something pleasing for everyone!  She has anchors, chevron, whales, mustaches, stripes, flowers...everything!  You can also add on additional months and note pages!

I haven't ordered yet, but I'm fairly certain this is the winner!  I just have to choose which cover difficult!
Would y'all like me to do another post when I get it?



  1. I saw jDl's post on this planner too and have been meaning to look into them! I love this planner!

  2. This planner is so cute! If I hadn't already gotten one, I might go for this one!

  3. This planner is so cute! I love seeing the different designs and planners that are out there! I LOVE office "type" stuff and would have several different planners if I had the money! hahaha
    :) Rebecca

  4. I am SO glad you posted this because I've wanted an EC planner for so long now but I can't let myself spent 50 dollars on a planner! This is the best alternative ever! May have to get myself one :)

  5. This is adorable! I may need to buy one for the next year!


  6. Do you know if the erin condren stickers and ruler fit into the plum paper planners?