Friday, July 12, 2013

Refresh with a refresher?

I have a little secret... I don't drink coffee. I know, I know.  How can I possibly survive college without the help of many student's closest friend and confidante - coffee?  While my friends are off on Starbucks runs, I'm refilling my Brita water bottle and sucking down water.  Not quite the same level of chic and sophistication as a latte or mocha. :(

However, on those days when I feel the need to drink something besides's what I turn to.

Did you know you can "order" an Arnold Palmer at a lot of restaurants even if they're not advertised?  It's just half iced tea and half lemonade!  You can even ask McDonald's to mix in some lemonade with your sweet tea!

Starbucks' Passion Tea Lemonade tastes a lot like fruit punch.  However, I like to order it unsweetened and add a tiny bit of sugar to taste.

My go-to, however, is a lime refresher.  Essentially, it's water, lime, and a tiny bit of sugar.  But the key ingredient is a bit of iced green coffee.  This is supposedly supposed to give you a "kick" of energy to help you get through the day.  In my opinion, you can't taste the coffee at all!

Do you drink coffee or am I all alone?


  1. You know where I stand on coffee. But I do drink some of those occasionally! When I'm working at Starbucks for long periods of time and am all caffeined-out, or when I just don't want/need caffeine, I get the passion tea lemonade with raspberry. I drink the refreshers sometimes, too, when I need coffee but can't actually get any (read: while teaching).

    So you're not entirely alone in this! Haha

  2. I always order half sweet, half unsweet tea at McDonald's! But I also hate coffee..I drink way too much Diet Coke during school because I need caffeine. I do really like the refreshers, too, though! I recently tried the orange and it is SO yummy.

  3. I'm a complete coffee addict, but I think my favorite thing from Starbucks is the passion tea lemonade! I get mine unsweetened, and recommend ordering it "without water"..definitely more flavorful that way! It's also good if you add raspberry!

  4. Ok, so I have no idea what green coffee is, but that lime refresher sounds awesome. I am coffee obsessed, so I'm not as apt to try some of those other drinks but I think I might just have to on my next trip to Starbucks!

  5. I used to hate drinking coffee, but pulling all nighters in college got me addicted. Since I gave it up when I was pregnant with my son, I switched to green tea and only go back to coffee on occasion.

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