Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dorm 101: Don't Forget Your...

Since college packing lists are typically a mile long, I thought I'd highlight a few things that are likely to be left at home!  Add these to your list and you'll be the queen of the dorm when everyone else has forgot theirs!

don't forget your...

Shower Shoes
This one is pretty self explanatory.  If your hall has a communal bathroom, you won't want your feet to be touching the floors!  You don't know what's been on that floor, and I don't think you want to find out!  A pair of rubber flip flops will solve that problem!

I don't have an exact reason for this's just come in handy and I think you should add some to your desk.  Is that good enough? :)

Safety Pins
You don't know how many times people came to me and asked if they could borrow a safety pin!  They come in handy for tons of different things.  Pick up a pack and throw them in a box with a needle and thread.  You'll never know when a button will pop off or a seam will come undone!

USB Drive
I mentioned this in my technology post, but a USB drive is great to transfer files between computers, take something to the lab to print, or just to backup your documents.  You can get them fairly cheap at any office supply store, so there's really no reason not to have one!
I have a professor who will automatically give a student a zero if their paper is not stapled together...she doesn't even accept papers that are paperclipped.  Keep your papers organized and get yourself a stapler!  This Jonathan Adler one is super cute, but a simple version from Staples will serve the same purpose.

3M Command Hooks and Strips
Most dorms don't allow students to hang up decorations with nails, that's where 3M Command Hooks and Strips come in handy!  The hooks are great for jackets, hats, keys, etc.  There are two different types of strips and I recommend you pick up some of each!  One kind is like heavy duty velcro.  I use this on big picture frames and anything kind of heavy.  There are also command strips that are more like double sided tape.  These work for lighter picture frames and any other kind of light decorations.  The great thing about 3M Command products is that they do not tear off the drywall or leave a mark when you remove them at the end of the year!

Lysol Wipes
Sharing a dorm room means double the germs.  Combat any sickness with some antibacterial wipes.  Wipe down the door handles and any other flat surfaces!

Microwave Safe Dishes
You're pulling an all nighter and you need a snack to get through the night.  You go to make some easy mac and you realize you only have your super cute Lilly dishes that are not microwave safe.  #ConfessionsofRebeccaMill Pick up some kind of microwave bowl so at least you can make some easy mac! :)

What are your "don't forgets"?


  1. In college, I made sure I packed duct tape, a toolkit, sleeping bag, and extra clothes for winter in case it got cold quicker than expected!

  2. Lysol wipes are my obsession haha. I know that sounds crazy, but I just feel better with a pack around.