Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dorm 101: Fashion

You've picked out your first day outfit...but what about every other day!

In my mind, college fashion can be divided into two categories.  Gym clothes (even if you're not planning on going to the gym) and more casual outfits.

college casual
I'm a huge fan of Nike Tempo "Norts" shorts.  They come in every color and they're just plain comfortable.  Pair them with a t-shirt and you're good to go!  When the weather gets a little chillier, switch out your Norts for leggings and throw on some kind of fleece.  I am obsessed with this Patagonia!  Speaking of Patagonia, head over to their website today!  They're having a huge sale.  The pullover listed is on sale for $59 instead of $120!

Depending on your campus job and classes, you probably won't be able to wear your leggings every day.  I work in both the President's Office and the Admissions office.  For both of those jobs, I have to maintain a professional appearance.  I'm a huge fan of J. Crew Minnie Pants, dark wash tailored jeans, and dresses for work!  Also be sure to bring one business outfit, maybe a pencil skirt and a blouse.  You'll never know when you have to give a presentation or you'll be invited to a special dinner.

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What are some of your favorite outfits to wear to class?

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  1. Everyone at my college wears Nike Shorts and a t-shirt about everyday. I'm all for feeling comfortable, but I want to look cute because I'm a fashion merchandising major.


  2. The casual outfit with the vest is something I'd definitely wear. I love mixing up different cardigan and scarf combos and playing up statement necklaces. I'm definitely more of a "casual wear" type versus "gym wear".

  3. Haha, I'm not in college but these are definitely some of my typical outfits! I might have to snatch up another Patagonia now that I know about that sale!