Monday, August 12, 2013

Dorm 101: Technology

Now that you've picked out your bedding and decorations, it's time to start thinking about your school work.  Today we're going to focus on technology and the different things that I think you should consider bringing to school to help you be a smart, successful student!

Obviously you need some kind of computer.  Whether you choose a mac or a pc, a laptop or a desktop, I think it is important to have a computer to call your own.  Personally, I have  Macbook Pro.

To go with your computer, make sure you get some kind of external harddrive...and USE IT.  Back up your computer on a regular basis so that if something did happen, your computer crashed or a file becomes corrupted, you can get that file off the harddrive.  Also, a USB drive will come in handy if you need to transfer files between computers, take a file to the computer lab to print, or back up a few files here and there.

The bottom row is purely optional.  A tablet or iPad may come in handy to view PDF files (and save paper by not having to print them), easily take notes in class without having to carry a heavy computer, and maybe play a game of Angry Birds to decompress.  

What technology do you plan to take to college?


  1. Definitely need to remember the external harddrive next year! My top choice provides laptops, so I'm thinking of getting an iPad myself!