Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Gonna Make This Place Your Home & Orientation Jitters

This week has been complete craziness.  I left home after an amazing summer, moved into a beautiful single dorm with tons of natural light and two closets, started and completed Orientation Leader training, and started my second year of training for the Judicial Committee.  Needless to say, the few moments of spare time I've had this week have been spent organizing my room, catching up with my friends after a long summer apart, and sleeping!
Sweet Briar's Bell Tower
However, the craziness is just beginning!  Tomorrow Sweet Briar's first year class moves onto campus and orientation officially begins!  I have fifteen girls in my group and I can't wait to show them around campus and help them make this place their home.  Sweet Briar is such a special place, and I can't wait for each and every member of the class of 2017 (and trust me, there's a lot of them!) to find their place here.
Sweet Briar College
An aerial shot of Sweet Briar's Campus
One of my favorite traditions at Sweet Briar is our big sister/little sister program.  We don't have sororities, so the first years don't go through recruitment or anything like that.  However, the junior class (my class) is the freshman's sister class (the sophomores are their rival class) and we each pick a first year (or a few, depending on the freshman:junior ratio) to be our little sisters.  I can't wait to pick a little sister and help her meet her Sweet Briar family and call this place home. (ps, Kiersten, if you're reading this...I really hope I get to choose you as my little!)

How was your day?


  1. Yay for being back at school! I'm soooo missing Mary Wash right now! But hopefully I will have UVA to look forward to in the Spring :) Have fun with your orientation girls!!

  2. I love that tradition!! Best of luck with your junior year, Rebecca! Seems like its shaping up to be a great one! xx

  3. Two closets?! You lucky lucky girl!! I live that little/big sister tradition you guys have, that's so sweet!