Sunday, August 25, 2013

Comfort Zone

Yesterday was a very exciting day!  We welcomed the first year class onto campus.  While they were busy moving into their dorm rooms, meeting their roommates, and saying those final goodbyes to their parents, I was preparing for my first orientation session.  Last night, I helped the students go through their orientation folders and become familiar with the schedule for the rest of orientation.  Under one of the sections I was discussing, our advisor left us a note to remind the first years that their college experience is what they make of it.

I took that point, and I encouraged my girls to try new things and go into class and meeting with an open mind.  If I had gone into college afraid to try new things and with a closed mind, I doubt I would have a job as an intern in the President's Office.  I wouldn't be on the Judicial Committee.  I wouldn't have been on the staff of the school newspaper for three semesters.  Being open to new activities and experiences is one of the best things I did in my first year at Sweet Briar.

This doesn't apply only to students starting their first year of college.  I think it can apply to everybody.  If you're scared to try new things or step outside of your comfort zone, will you really achieve great things?  You'll be stuck in your own little schedule and never experience the amazing things that are out there.

I'll be the first to say that I'm hesitant to try new things, but I've seen how it has payed off in the past, so I know it's always worth it.

How will you step outside of your comfort zone?


  1. Today, I stepped outside of my comfort zone by going to my school's Club Fest and signing up for waterskiing, hip hop dancing, and to write/photograph for a few on campus magazines. I've never been waterskiing and I have as much rhythm as a rock, but I wanted to try new things! College is a great time to try things like that, I think!