Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Agenda Organization

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is OCD about their agenda...but in the case that you're not as organized as you'd like, I thought I'd share some of my tips and tricks!  I depend on my agenda for everything.  It has my school work, appointments, test dates, meetings, and any other kind of random reminder I might need.

First, you need to gather some supplies.  My agenda "must haves" include colored pens and highlighters, sticky tabs, post it notes, and Lilly Pulitzer agenda stickers.  Personally, I use Stabilo Fine Liner Felt Tip Pens and Staedtler Ball 432 Ballpoint Pens.

In the weekly view, I write down all of my assignments.  I transfer any test or project dates from syllabi and work as it is assigned in class.  At the bottom of each day, I write any appointments or meetings.  At the beginning of the semester, I go through each syllabus and write down any dates that are already given so I can plan ahead.  As I complete assignments, instead of crossing them out, I highlight them.  I don't cross things out so that I can still read the assignment.  Occasionally I also add sticky notes in the weekly view to make daily to do lists or add any kind of notes that don't fit into my planner.

I add any test or project due dates in the monthly view as well.  I also mark down any school breaks or events.  For example, October 3-6 are Reading Days, so I've marked those down to remind myself that I won't have classes.

Most agendas have additional notes pages.  In my planner, there is a notes page both at the beginning and end of each month.  On the notes page at the end of the month, I plan out my editorial calendar.  (Are there any posts you want to see?  Look how empty that editorial calendar is!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!) On the other notes page, I add in sticky notes with anything I need to write down!  The big sticky note has things I want to ask my Arts Management professor when I meet with her this morning.  The other sticky note has the classes I have left to take in Arts Management. 

 {Additional Agenda Tips}
-Even if you don't have a Lilly Pulitzer agenda (I don't) get their sticker packs!  For $6, it adds some color to your agenda and makes it more fun to do your homework.  I have the Academic sticker pack and it includes stickers like exam, cram, all nighter, big game, hair cut, and weekend home.
-Use sticky tabs to mark pages that you use frequently.  I have both the weekly and monthly views "tabbed" so I can flip to them quickly.
-Carry your agenda with you everywhere!  Even if I'm not going to class, I usually have my agenda in my bag.  If someone asks me about my schedule, I can pull out my agenda and make an appointment with them right then and there.  Plus, then you always know how much work you have to do.

What are your agenda tips and tricks?


  1. Super Cute your agenda!! I have mine all the time with me! I like your tips! Are you on the FB group Planner Addicts?


  2. I love using the Lilly stickers! It's such a great way to highlight an assignment that looks daunting!

  3. Love your tips about organizing your planner! I love using stickers and highlighters for emphasizing deadlines and special appointments. :)

  4. Where did you get your planner? This is amazing!!

    1. It looks like : http://www.etsy.com/shop/PlumPaperDesigns
      An affordable version of Erin condren...or maybe it is an Erin condren.