Friday, September 27, 2013


I realize I've been extremely absent this week.  I've been so busy, that it hasn't even occurred to me to write a blog post!  A lot of you were so kind to say that you were happy that I became a Chung Mung...but you had no idea what that even meant.

{via Sweet Briar Archives}
My college doesn't have Greek life.  Instead, we have Tap Clubs.  To quote the SBC website, tap clubs are "selective groups of students that have some sort of common interest. Each club has its own protocol regarding selection; it seeks different characteristics and chooses members in its own way."  

The group that I was just tapped into on Monday night, the Chung Mungs, are known as the "friendly ghosts" on campus.  That is why in any OOTDs for the next few weeks, you'll see me wearing a little ghostie on my shirt!  The Chung Mungs are described as some of the nicest students on campus, and there are always exactly thirteen new members.  The SBC website says that Chung Mungs believe that their educational experience can be enriched and deepened through a close association with a congenial group of girls...and I can attest that so far I am completely in love with my sisters!

In addition to having the most amazing sisters, I am also completely in love with all of the other members.  They're all so nice to us as we get used to the "Mungling" life.  And my mom?  SHE IS FLAWLESS!  Gardenia loves her mama, Cherry Blossom!  If any of you read Little Mrs. Laurel Rhyne, she is also a Chung Mung!  She graduated last year, so we weren't Chung Mungs at the same time, but I'm so glad to be her sister!

I'm sorry this post is so unorganized!  I'm sure I'll be back with another round of explaining tap clubs...but until then,




  1. Thank you for including me, that was so very thoughtful of you! You described the group well and I can't even explain how well you represent the club! Glory glory!

  2. How fun!! I like how you started the post off with "everyone congratulated me but probably had no idea what I meant!" ;-) Too funny! Sounds like a great group though, you will be a wonderful Chung Mung!

    xoxo Miss ALK