Sunday, September 1, 2013

SGG Relaunch!

It's September you know what that means?

SGG won an amazing grant from Kenneth Cole that allows for a relaunch, expansion, and tons of awesome things!  The relaunch includes new logos, a new and improved Loop, an online chat community (that I got a sneak peek of, and it's amazing), and more!  There will even be a huge new issue of The Smart Girl's Guide that comes out today!

I'm #TheNewSmartGirl, are you?

If you are in high school or college (or you're just curious), I highly recommend you check out the SGG website.  With so many new features, there's something for everyone.  I have met so many amazing, talented, smart young women through SGG.  They're inspiring.  They're real.  They're funny. And most of all, they're my Smart Girl Sisters.



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