Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tech Obessed: iCal

With the school year off to a great start, your calendar is getting busier and busier by the hour (at least I know mine is!)  I use both a paper agenda and my iCal.  I use my paper planner predominately for school work and "to-dos."  I use my iCal to keep track of my class and work schedule, appointments, and meetings.

If you're struggling with how to use iCal, I'm going to go through some tips and tricks that I use to make iCal as useful as possible.

{color code}
I have a separate calendar for my class schedule, each job, activities that have meetings on a regular basis, and any other organization that I use my calendar for.  As you can see, I have a calendar for Smart Girls Group to keep track of due dates, google hang outs, and twitter chats.  I also have a calendar for my blog.  I use that calendar to leave myself reminders or schedule date specific posts.  For example, if I was going to write a post about a holiday, I would add that to my iCal to remind myself that I am writing that specific post for that day.

 {use weekly view}
I am constantly adding to my calendar.  If I get an email with a meeting or an appointment, I immediately add it to my iCal.  If I see a twitter chat I want to attend (like last nights SGG Twitter party), I'll add that to my calendar.  I also manage my work schedule on iCal.  If I change my hours for some reason, I make sure to change it on my iCal, too, so when I go to do my timesheet I know exactly when I worked.

{schedule study time and down time}
When the semester gets more hectic, I also schedule study time and down time with my iCal.  I might section off a block of time to work on a specific project or assignment, or just schedule off a block of time for a certain class.  During exam week, I schedule time to take a break.  Even if it's just ten minutes, it's important to remind myself to step away from my work and regroup.

If you use any other Apple products, sync your iCal to those products!  I have my calendars on iCloud, so if I make any changes on one device, it gets updated on the other devices.  I have it shared on my iPhone, iPad, and laptop.  That way no matter where I am or what piece of technology I have with me, I still have an accurate calendar.

How do you use iCal?


  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I'm all about organization...and color coordination. :) I've got to get my butt up to speed and use iCal!

  2. I'm so glad someone is as obsessed with iCal as I am -- the color coding and syncing to all my Apple devices has saved my life!

  3. Great post! I use iCal too and I love the color codes for different things. Also love that it syncs automatically if I make changes!