Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from baby rMe!

I hope y'all have a fun (and safe!) Halloween!

p.s., Check out these awesome pumpkins Chloe and Kim from Pop Cosmo made!
Lilly and Pumpkins...what could be more fun?!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WILW: Orange Is The New Black

Being sick for the past week has left me with a lot of time resting in of course I had to start a new show on Netflix!  I had heard a lot of good things about Orange Is The New Black and since the first season is only twelve episodes, I knew it was the perfect thing!

Well ladies, three days later, I've completely finished the first season, and I'm so ready for the second season!  Unfortunately, it won't become available until early 2014.  But until then, I might just have to rewatch the first season...and I'm definitely going to pick up the book that the series was based on!

Have you watched Orange Is The New Black?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Recap {week forty two}

Pearls and Curls

I apologize for not posting more this week.  I seem to have caught ANOTHER bug this semester.  As if being sick once wasn't fun enough...

Study breaks with Sheryl Sandberg...

Loving this Fall weather (but now it seems like winter?  It's only 25 degrees out!)

Chung Mung Shenanigans

Oh Bambi? You go to SBC now?

Studying...and more studying...
What did y'all do this week?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Midweek Motivation

I don't know about y'all, but classes are getting intense right about now.  We're wrapping up with midterms, but diving right into final projects and papers.  Plus, it's time to start thinking about classes and internships for next semester!

Although it's easy to consume yourself with the worry of all of these stressors, it's as equally as important to take a step back and take joy in the "small" things.  Breakfast with your friend?  Awesome!  Grabbed a coffee on the way to a meeting?  Wonderful!  See, these are small things that you rarely even take note of, but if you take the time to enjoy these small, even every day tasks, won't the next few weeks be a little more bearable?

To follow my own advice, I'm going to take the next few weeks day by day.  I'm not going to allow myself to get so stressed that I give up.  Instead, I'm going to enjoy the little things, worry only a little bit about the big things, and make things happen.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cooler Painting : Part Two

I had all these plans to schedule this post last night so you would find it in your feed this morning.  Except that just didn't happen!  But I figured better late than never...especially when it includes fun things like painted coolers!

In my post Cooler Painting : Part One, I talked about some of the beginning steps of cooler painting.  Last night, it was finally time to give my Chung Mung mom her cooler, so I can finally share the end result!

I don't think that painting is my number one skill, but I am so pleased with the way my cooler came out!  I spent hours touching up lines, stenciling flowers, and glittering my way through cooler painting.  Luckily, my mom loves glitter, so it was a no brainer to cover the side handles with a gold glitter!

Front & Back

Ghosts from the Chung Mung Logo
A Vixen head for the Sweet Briar Logo

Would it really have been a piece of my art work if it wasn't monogrammed?
After tediously painting all of my designs, I covered the entire cooler with one coat of glossy mod podge.  Then, I did three coats of Helmsman® Spar Urethane by Minwax (a deck sealer).  This left my cooler super shiny and free of any chips!  We'll see how this baby stands up to use when mama and I take her for a spin at Foxfield in the Spring.

I wish I could have captured Nina's face last night when I gave her her gifts.  So many hours of work boiled down into one night, and from the smile on her face, it was so worth it!

Love you mama!

Have you ever painted a cooler?  How did it turn out?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Internship Search

Even though it's only October, it's not too early to start thinking about summer internships.  If you're in college, it's a good time to figure out if any of your majors require internships, and if not, if you're interested in finding an internship for the summer.

My Arts Management program requires an internship in the curriculum, so I've decided that I would like to spend my summer in New York City with a marketing or social media internship at an Arts Organization.  Because those are highly competitive internships, I knew it wouldn't be to early to start investigating possible companies, editing my resume, and getting recommendation letters.

To start, I determined what kinds of companies I would be interested in spending my summer at.  I made an excel spreadsheet that listed all of the available information so it would be easy for me to know what each internship required and the application deadline.

Next, I made an appointment in the Career Services Center of my college.  They helped me to revise my resume.  They also gave me some packets on how to properly write a cover letter.

Next, since I knew that some of my internships required recommendation letters or references, I asked one of my professors to write me letters.  I provided her with a copy of my resume and the names of the internships that I would be sending her letter to.  I also contacted three people who I plan to list on my references to let them know that any of these organizations may contact them.

In the next few weeks, I will begin to revise my cover letters to fit each individual internship, and hopefully start to send some in!

Do you plan on having an internship this summer?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Recap {week forty one}

Pearls and Curls

I win worst blogger of the year award!  This week has been totally crazy!  Since I didn't link up for the Instagram recap last week, I'm coming at you with two times the excitement (but not really!)
You cannot look at this and say my campus is not beautiful.

Shirt : Ralph Lauren / Jeans : J. Crew / Shoes : Sperry Topsider / Watch : Fossil
Sweater : Ralph Lauren / Shirt : J. Crew / Jeans : J. Crew / Jacket : Lands End / Bag : Longchamp / Boots : RSVP (Zappos)
Sweater : Lilly Pulitzer / Jeans : J. Crew / Shoes : Joe Fresh
Jacket : Lands End / Skirt : J. Crew / Boots : RSVP (Zappos) / Bag : Longchamp

Lots and lots and lots of studying.
Hope y'all have had a great week!  Did you do anything exciting?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WILW: Weather

I am soooo loving this weather lately!  It has finally cooled down, so I can finally bring out my sweaters, scarves, boots, and quilted coats!

It's time to put away the Lilly and Jacks, and bring out the cable knit sweaters and riding boots.

What are your favorite Fall outfits?

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Breckenridge from Whim of the South who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

 This award is given to you by fellow bloggers for writing quality blogs that have touched you in some way, having good pictures with good quality, and the uniqueness of the subjects covered in their blog. This award is to honor the bloggers who bring something special to your life. 

How this award works:

1. Display the Versatile Award Certifacate on your blog
2. Announce your win and thank the blogger who nominated you

3. Present 15 bloggers that you think deserve this award. Link your nominees in the post. Leave a comment to notify your nominees.
4. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

I'm going for quality over quantity with these nominations...
1. Caroline from Citrus and Style
2. Bess from Belles in Bows
3. Frannie from The Blonde Prep
5. Jillian from Anchors and Cardigans

SEVEN fun facts about ME!

1. My favorite foods are peanut butter and cheese...obviously not together!
2.  My all time favorite book is The Catcher In the Rye.
3.  This is a pretty well-known fact, but I am mildly obsessed with my beagle named Alice.
4.  I am an obsessive to-do list maker.
5.  My agenda and to-do lists are color coded.
6.  I'm ordering my class ring tomorrow, and I couldn't be more excited!  It is such a difficult decision to pick out something that I have to live with for the rest of my life!
7.  I have Irish step danced on the lawn on the United States Capitol Building!

Once again, thank you so much for the nomination, Breck!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sick Day

With the crazy weather changes lately, I seem to have come down with some kind of cold.  I'm not sure if it's just allergies, or something bigger, but no matter what the case is, I'm taking today and tomorrow to relax.

Luckily one of my classes tomorrow is cancelled, so I don't have any obligations after 11:50!  While I do plan on working on my homework, internship applications, blogging, and stuff for The Smart Girls Group, I'm also planning on taking a bit of a sick day.

sick day

I think sick days call for some necessities.  To me, yoga pants and comfy socks are top on the list.  Plus a cozy blanket and a hot beverage.  Don't forget some fun movies, too!  Fact: The Parent Trap is my all time favorite movie.

Don't try to contact me Friday afternoon.  I'll either be in a chai coma or watching some chick flicks on Netflix.  Either way, I'll be shaking off this nasty cold!

What are your sick day necessities?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Work Spaces

Confession 1: I am (and always have been) obsessed with school supplies.
Confession 2: I am obsessed with white desks.

I was so adamant about getting a white desk for my dorm room.  So much so, that after weeks of begging my parents, when my mom and I saw one in Target on sale, my mom threw it in the cart without even thinking twice.  I think there's just something so clean about a white desk.
The past two years of college I hadn't used my dorm-issued desk at all.  It wasn't big enough, it was dirty, it was old, and it made me not want to study.  Much to my surprise, my white desk has totally changed that!  I've accessorized sparingly with cute notepads and a Lilly mug full of colored pens, and I've spent hours upon hours each night reading, studying, taking notes, and of course a bit of blogging!

I just love how clean the white looks.  (And an iMac wouldn't hurt either...hey, a girl can dream!)

Would y'all be interested in me doing a post about how I style and organize my desk?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WILW: Chai Latte

With cooler weather on the way (I can't say it's here yet...since it was 80 degrees on Sunday), I'm craving warm drinks in the morning.  I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I do love vanilla chai lattes.  The cafe on campus charges almost $3.50 for the smallest size, and it's not even that great!  I realized the other day that they use this exact Tazo concentrate, so I decided to pick some up from Target.

Oh. My. Goodness.  I mix about half chai concentrate/half vanilla Almond milk and microwave it for 1.5-2 minutes.  Honestly, this is almost better than the latte I get from the cafe, and it's so much cheaper!  The tazo concentrate was around $3.50, and it makes six or seven drinks.  I usually keep almond milk in my room anyway, and that only costs $2.99.  Instead of spending $28 for eight drinks, I'm only spending about $6.50!

What are your favorite warm drinks?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Snail Mail

I certaintly can't be the only one who loves to find a little note in my mailbox.  It honestly makes my day.  Finding little cards from friends with a "hey I'm thinking about you" can turn a stinky day into the best day ever.  That being said, I also love to send mail!  I have a slight notecard hoarding problem, but it's not so much of a problem when sending a notecard can brighten someone's day!

Some of my favorite notecards are the ones that I've found in the $1 section at Target and Michaels...but I often find myself perusing Etsy and finding the cutest cards!

Puppies with bowties?
Washi tape?

I love them all!
Do you send snail mail?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Smart Girl's Guide - Issue 15

The October issue of the Smart Girl's Guide was released yesterday, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you!  The issues just keep getting better and better, and I can't wait for you to dig in see what Smarts we have to share this month!  If you make your way all the way to page 67, you might see a familiar face!
Be Smart, Share Smarts!

Cooler Painting : Part One

I recently was presented with the huge honor (and task) of painting a cooler for my Chung Mung mom.  Like the typical Type A personality I am, I scoured pinterest and facebook for any and all tips on how to best paint my cooler.  I think I read just about every article on The Cooler Connection before making a shopping list and heading out to WalMart to try to find all of the correct supplies.

I guess I looked like a lost puppy dog while wandering the home improvement aisles as I was stopped not once, but twice, by kind older gentlemen who wanted to tell me exactly what to buy.  I stood my ground and found the exact primers and sealants that The Cooler Connection recommended.  Not that I didn't trust these men, but I knew plenty of sorority woman before me tested primers and recommended only what worked best.

Next came the task of deciding what to actually paint!  I took into account my Chung Mung mom's likes and dislikes, her favorite colors, our school mascot, and some symbols that relate to my tap club.  I settled with a vixen head, cherry blossoms, ghosts, ballet slippers, stripes, and her monogram.  I still have one side that I haven't planned yet, but I figured I ought to start painting!

Before painted, I used two different grains of sand paper to get the shiny coating off of my cooler.  Then I used Krylon Primer that is specifically made for plastic.  Some of my other friends used a different primer and their paint started to peel off while they were working.  My Krylon primer hasn't peeled or chipped one little bit!

One tip I found on pinterest was a way to use tissue paper to trace logos or symbols onto your color!
"How to Trace Images 1. Print out your image (not a reflection) the size you want it on computer paper. 2. Lay tissue paper (the kind you put in presents) over it and trace the image with a lead pencil onto the tissue paper, just like with tracing paper 3. Using painter's tape, tape the tissue paper with the image in pencil where you want it on the cooler. 4. Using a Sharpie, trace over the pencil lines. Press firmly, and every inch or two go back over that section once or twice."

I'll be back with Cooler Painting : Part Two in a few weeks!

Do you have any tips for cooler painting?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bloggers Who Brunch

I had been excited about today for over a week.  Throughout reading days, the only thing that kept me reading, studying, and painting, was a little light at the end of the tunnel known as brunch.

I don't remember how I found Breckenridge's instagram account, but I immediately started following her blog...and shortly after, I realized she went to school just a short drive from Sweet Briar.  With a giant leap of faith, I commented on one of her instagram pictures asking if she would be interested in meeting up for a little blogger brunch in Lynchburg with Laurel and I.  Laurel graduated from Sweet Briar last year, and she is still living in the area.  Breckenridge eagerly agreed, and the rest is history!

Breckenridge from Whim of the South

Pants : Joe Fresh / Shirt : Bass / Shoes : Jack Rogers / Bag : Longchamp / Watch : Fossil

We met at The White Hart Cafe in Lynchburg and had a great time!  We chatted for almost two and a half hours, and there weren't any awkward silences at all!  It was so great to get to know Breckenridge and to catch up with Laurel.

We're already thinking about our next "bloggers who brunch" and to be honest, I just can't wait!


Kate Spade + Lifeguard Press

I'm not usually one to join in on the posts about a brand's new release...but these Kate Spade for Lifeguard Press stationery items are just too cute.  (Hey Mom, feel free to add any of these to my Christmas list...I wouldn't complain!)  I'm a huge stationery hoarder as it is, but when you add polka dots, stripes, and a cute black and white print...I'm in!

The prices aren't terrible either!  The set of two notebooks on the far left is only $10!  My favorite item is the pencil case with the black and white glasses precious!  The case is $30, but it comes with a pencil sharpener, pencils, and a ruler.  Just like the old days when I would beg my mom for a Hello Kitty pencil case from AC Moore..but these one is a whole lot cuter.  (Hey still reading?  Purseladytoo is offering free shipping on any Kate Spade pre orders...)

What are your favorite things from the Kate Spade + Lifeguard Press Collection?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Recap {week thirty nine}

Pearls and Curls

What a week!  I'm sorry for posting so inconsistently!  I had off of classes Thursday and Friday for reading days, so luckily I was able to catch up on sleep and homework and schedule a few blog posts!

It's crazy to see the photos from a photoshoot that you saw go from clothes on a hangers, to clothes on a model, to printed in a magazine!  Loving the Gatsby Glam October Issue of Susquehanna Style!
Reading days practically call for quiet mornings for a chai latte and a good book.
My Chung Mung mom and I before the Founders' Day Dance
My Chung Mung Family - my cousin lineage and my great great great great grandma!

What are y'all up to this weekend?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Morning Skin Care Routine

A few months ago, I had written a post about my skin care routine.  At the time, I was using expensive products from Ole Henriksen, and while I did like those products, I didn't notice enough of a difference to justify the price.  So I headed down to my local CVS in search of a new cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

I tend to look for products that say oil-free and acne control because my skin is combination (on the oily side) and I'm definitely acne prone.  I came out of CVS with Neutrogena Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer for Combination Skin, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, and Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Toner.  These products have worked great for me!  Because I like to switch things up once in a while, and I don't like using the same cleanser until the bottle runs out, I recently purchased pHisoderm's Anti-Blemish Gel Facial Wash to add to my regimen.  I use one of the cleansers with my Clarisonic in the shower, and then tone and moisturizer while I'm getting ready.

My skin has had only a few break outs, and the oil is much more controllable.  Needless to say, I'll be repurchasing all of these products as they run out.

What are your favorite skin care products?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What She Wore: Life In Lilly

There isn't a bad day to wear Lilly Pulitzer.  However, sometimes the prints can be a bit much for a normal day of classes.  That's when my favorite neutral Lilly pieces come out of the closet.  Surprisingly, everything I wore today was Lilly...but I bet you only think the scarf is Lilly!

This outfit is also perfect for those days when it's chilly in the morning but it warms up around lunch time.  Although the Holmes top is long sleeves, it's a light weight cotton!  I think I'll be wearing the Holmes a lot as we transition into fall and winter weather!

Top: Lilly Pulitzer "Holmes" Top
Pants: Lilly Pulitzer "Luxury Capris"
Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer "Murfee"
Shoes (not pictured): Lilly Pulitzer Silver "McKims"

This Murfee is one of my favorites.  Partially because of the memories I have associated with it, and partially for the print.  I purchased this Murfee at the last Summer Warehouse Sale.  My friend Bess and I had a wonderful trip and it was one of the last times I saw her before she moved to Minnesota.  I'm obsessed with this print because hidden between the flowers are little four leaf clovers!

Couldn't forget a shot to show off my little ghostie!

Do you like when I do these outfit posts?  I admit, I'm super picky about my pictures, and I feel sooo awkward getting my picture taken while other people are walking around campus.  However, I am so lucky to have my good friend Chloe to make me laugh and smile and capture those moments!