Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bloggers Who Brunch

I had been excited about today for over a week.  Throughout reading days, the only thing that kept me reading, studying, and painting, was a little light at the end of the tunnel known as brunch.

I don't remember how I found Breckenridge's instagram account, but I immediately started following her blog...and shortly after, I realized she went to school just a short drive from Sweet Briar.  With a giant leap of faith, I commented on one of her instagram pictures asking if she would be interested in meeting up for a little blogger brunch in Lynchburg with Laurel and I.  Laurel graduated from Sweet Briar last year, and she is still living in the area.  Breckenridge eagerly agreed, and the rest is history!

Breckenridge from Whim of the South

Pants : Joe Fresh / Shirt : Bass / Shoes : Jack Rogers / Bag : Longchamp / Watch : Fossil

We met at The White Hart Cafe in Lynchburg and had a great time!  We chatted for almost two and a half hours, and there weren't any awkward silences at all!  It was so great to get to know Breckenridge and to catch up with Laurel.

We're already thinking about our next "bloggers who brunch" and to be honest, I just can't wait!



  1. Today was so great! I am seriously looking forward to the next blogger brunch! Y'all are too sweet!

  2. Love it so much!! I seriously can't wait for next time!! : )

  3. Ohmigosh!
    I think we should brunch next time Im in town...
    SOONER rather than Later