Monday, October 7, 2013

Cooler Painting : Part One

I recently was presented with the huge honor (and task) of painting a cooler for my Chung Mung mom.  Like the typical Type A personality I am, I scoured pinterest and facebook for any and all tips on how to best paint my cooler.  I think I read just about every article on The Cooler Connection before making a shopping list and heading out to WalMart to try to find all of the correct supplies.

I guess I looked like a lost puppy dog while wandering the home improvement aisles as I was stopped not once, but twice, by kind older gentlemen who wanted to tell me exactly what to buy.  I stood my ground and found the exact primers and sealants that The Cooler Connection recommended.  Not that I didn't trust these men, but I knew plenty of sorority woman before me tested primers and recommended only what worked best.

Next came the task of deciding what to actually paint!  I took into account my Chung Mung mom's likes and dislikes, her favorite colors, our school mascot, and some symbols that relate to my tap club.  I settled with a vixen head, cherry blossoms, ghosts, ballet slippers, stripes, and her monogram.  I still have one side that I haven't planned yet, but I figured I ought to start painting!

Before painted, I used two different grains of sand paper to get the shiny coating off of my cooler.  Then I used Krylon Primer that is specifically made for plastic.  Some of my other friends used a different primer and their paint started to peel off while they were working.  My Krylon primer hasn't peeled or chipped one little bit!

One tip I found on pinterest was a way to use tissue paper to trace logos or symbols onto your color!
"How to Trace Images 1. Print out your image (not a reflection) the size you want it on computer paper. 2. Lay tissue paper (the kind you put in presents) over it and trace the image with a lead pencil onto the tissue paper, just like with tracing paper 3. Using painter's tape, tape the tissue paper with the image in pencil where you want it on the cooler. 4. Using a Sharpie, trace over the pencil lines. Press firmly, and every inch or two go back over that section once or twice."

I'll be back with Cooler Painting : Part Two in a few weeks!

Do you have any tips for cooler painting?


  1. I always did a coat of sealer after every thin coat of paint! also, paint pens are are your best friend when it comes to details!

  2. This looks so good! I'm so worried about having to paint my first cooler - it looks so intimidating!


  3. Ahhh Sissyy! It looks amazing already! I cant wait to see the final product! Miss your face already!