Sunday, October 20, 2013

Internship Search

Even though it's only October, it's not too early to start thinking about summer internships.  If you're in college, it's a good time to figure out if any of your majors require internships, and if not, if you're interested in finding an internship for the summer.

My Arts Management program requires an internship in the curriculum, so I've decided that I would like to spend my summer in New York City with a marketing or social media internship at an Arts Organization.  Because those are highly competitive internships, I knew it wouldn't be to early to start investigating possible companies, editing my resume, and getting recommendation letters.

To start, I determined what kinds of companies I would be interested in spending my summer at.  I made an excel spreadsheet that listed all of the available information so it would be easy for me to know what each internship required and the application deadline.

Next, I made an appointment in the Career Services Center of my college.  They helped me to revise my resume.  They also gave me some packets on how to properly write a cover letter.

Next, since I knew that some of my internships required recommendation letters or references, I asked one of my professors to write me letters.  I provided her with a copy of my resume and the names of the internships that I would be sending her letter to.  I also contacted three people who I plan to list on my references to let them know that any of these organizations may contact them.

In the next few weeks, I will begin to revise my cover letters to fit each individual internship, and hopefully start to send some in!

Do you plan on having an internship this summer?


  1. internships freak me a chemistry major I'm hoping to avoid it - instead I'll probably be stuck in a lab all summer!

  2. Wow Rebecca, you're getting started so early (a good thing!). I definitely need your motivation-my middle name is procrastination! I hope you get accepted to all of them-and I hope you get to spend the summer in Manhattan (ahhh!)!

    Majda |