Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kate Spade + Lifeguard Press

I'm not usually one to join in on the posts about a brand's new release...but these Kate Spade for Lifeguard Press stationery items are just too cute.  (Hey Mom, feel free to add any of these to my Christmas list...I wouldn't complain!)  I'm a huge stationery hoarder as it is, but when you add polka dots, stripes, and a cute black and white print...I'm in!

The prices aren't terrible either!  The set of two notebooks on the far left is only $10!  My favorite item is the pencil case with the black and white glasses precious!  The case is $30, but it comes with a pencil sharpener, pencils, and a ruler.  Just like the old days when I would beg my mom for a Hello Kitty pencil case from AC Moore..but these one is a whole lot cuter.  (Hey still reading?  Purseladytoo is offering free shipping on any Kate Spade pre orders...)

What are your favorite things from the Kate Spade + Lifeguard Press Collection?


  1. I can't decide on one thing! I love it all!


  2. I just saw these while I perusing pinterest the other day on the Swoozies website, and I am in love with the black and green thermal mug/tumbler. They need to get in my life. Now.

    Julianna {}

  3. Hey Mom, please add to my Christmas list too, thanks!