Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Snail Mail

I certaintly can't be the only one who loves to find a little note in my mailbox.  It honestly makes my day.  Finding little cards from friends with a "hey I'm thinking about you" can turn a stinky day into the best day ever.  That being said, I also love to send mail!  I have a slight notecard hoarding problem, but it's not so much of a problem when sending a notecard can brighten someone's day!

Some of my favorite notecards are the ones that I've found in the $1 section at Target and Michaels...but I often find myself perusing Etsy and finding the cutest cards!

Puppies with bowties?
Washi tape?

I love them all!
Do you send snail mail?


  1. I definitely send snail mail...I may have even sent you a little something ; )

  2. I haven't sent snail mail in a while but I do occasionally to my grandparents! Just found your blog and I'm in love with your header- I'm proud to be your 100th follower ;) If you're interested I'd love it if you could nfollow me too! Can't wait to see more! xx


  3. Of course I love the monogram set!! I love sending snail mail!!

  4. Speaking of which I need to write you back.