Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WILW: Chai Latte

With cooler weather on the way (I can't say it's here yet...since it was 80 degrees on Sunday), I'm craving warm drinks in the morning.  I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I do love vanilla chai lattes.  The cafe on campus charges almost $3.50 for the smallest size, and it's not even that great!  I realized the other day that they use this exact Tazo concentrate, so I decided to pick some up from Target.

Oh. My. Goodness.  I mix about half chai concentrate/half vanilla Almond milk and microwave it for 1.5-2 minutes.  Honestly, this is almost better than the latte I get from the cafe, and it's so much cheaper!  The tazo concentrate was around $3.50, and it makes six or seven drinks.  I usually keep almond milk in my room anyway, and that only costs $2.99.  Instead of spending $28 for eight drinks, I'm only spending about $6.50!

What are your favorite warm drinks?


  1. Oooh, yum! I'll definitely have to give this a go! I love chai so much, it's definitely one of my favorites!

  2. Oooo that sounds so good!! I will have to try this. Great idea!

  3. Oh My!
    I feel like we were just talking about this!
    Love you Sissyy!


  4. Oh yum! Just what I need to keep me going!

    By the way......I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! For dets, see my latest post!


    Breckenridge Clare