Thursday, October 10, 2013

Work Spaces

Confession 1: I am (and always have been) obsessed with school supplies.
Confession 2: I am obsessed with white desks.

I was so adamant about getting a white desk for my dorm room.  So much so, that after weeks of begging my parents, when my mom and I saw one in Target on sale, my mom threw it in the cart without even thinking twice.  I think there's just something so clean about a white desk.
The past two years of college I hadn't used my dorm-issued desk at all.  It wasn't big enough, it was dirty, it was old, and it made me not want to study.  Much to my surprise, my white desk has totally changed that!  I've accessorized sparingly with cute notepads and a Lilly mug full of colored pens, and I've spent hours upon hours each night reading, studying, taking notes, and of course a bit of blogging!

I just love how clean the white looks.  (And an iMac wouldn't hurt either...hey, a girl can dream!)

Would y'all be interested in me doing a post about how I style and organize my desk?


  1. I am also a fan of school supplies, work spaces, and white desks! I agree with you, the white adds a crisp, clean feeling to it and I'm certain that I'd get more done! Definitely share how you style and organize your desk!

  2. I love the look of white desks! They are so modern and chic :)


  3. ah I'm purchasing my white desk this weekend! I am in loveee with that particular look & obsess over it!

    Breckenridge Clare