Saturday, November 16, 2013

Study Break

I don't know about you, but with the day winding down to Thanksgiving break, professors are piling on the work and I've been spending more time than ever in the library!  I know that once we return from Thanksgiving break, the work is only going to multiply and then it will be time to prepare for final exams.

I never used to study in the library.  However, this year, a new wing was added to our library.  It has tons of natural light, and the clean aesthetic makes it a perfect place to pound out a paper or finish up a take home test.

Don't believe me?  Check out this picture...

During those long days in the library, it's important to take study breaks.  I've read a few articles, one from the MIT Center for Excellence, that have all suggested that breaks should be taken between each assignment or after ninety minutes of work.  These breaks should last between 10 and 15 minutes.  Some of the best study breaks are the ones that will get you away from your computer and chair, get your blood circulating, and your heart rate going.

One thing that I am eternally grateful for at Sweet Briar is our honor code.  The beginning states that "Sweet Briar women do not lie, cheat, steal, or violate the rights of others."  Due to our honor code, it is common practice to leave your laptop, notes, and projects on a table in the library while you go back to your room to get a forgotten paper, go to the dining hall for dinner, or just get up to to a break.  Due to this practice, one of my favorite study breaks is to leave the library and take a quick walk around campus.  Going for a quick ten-minute walk clears my mind and allows me to focus even better when I get back to work.

Other study breaks include stretching, refilling your waterbottle (remember, a well-hydrated brain is a good thinking brain!), or going to a different part of the library to print something out.

Sometimes (ahem, like right now), I use my study breaks to write blog posts! ;)

What are your favorite study breaks?


  1. Gah! I love study sesh's in the library! Prrooooobbbbably the only thing I really miss about the work overloads of university! haha

    I'm sure you'll survive just fine - it sounds like you are a pro at the breaks!

  2. Love all that natural light in your new library wing! How nice to know that the honor code will stand and can be trusted!

    I tagged you with the Liebster award on my blog :)