Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WILW: Friends

We leave for break in only a few days, so of course professors have been piling on the assignments and projects.  Just off the top of my head I know I have to revise a paper, finish my Social Media and Marketing journal, start a research paper and write an annotated bibliography, and read an entire play in Spanish.  I'm sure there are so many things I'm forgetting, because honestly I just write it all down in my planner and hope I'm not missing anything!

Stress levels at Sweet Briar are high, but I am so lucky to have amazing friends to study with in the library, eat dinner with, and laugh so hard until we cry because we are so sleep deprived.

Left, Kate and I at Hampden-Sydney last weekend
Right, Chloe and I on Chung Mung Ode Night
Kate and I are both Spanish majors, and Chloe and I are both in Chung Mungs.  And the best part about having two amazing friends?  They both love each other too...and we're hoping to be able to all live together next year!  Poor Chloe might have to brush up on her Spanish skills though, because you'll probably be able to find Kate and I in the library by following the chitter chatter of "vale, si, and que estupido."  (We're clearly a charming pair.)



  1. Super cute! Good luck with your spanish!

  2. Good luck on that Spanish novel :) Friends are the best way of getting through stress!!