Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm Home!

By a stroke of pure luck and generosity, I'm home!  I got home last night, and luckily the drive home was extremely uneventful!

I was originally going to wait until this morning to drive home because I had a take home Psychology test that had to be slipped under my professors door.  I took one look at the weather report (and my mom texted me about a bajllion times), and we realized that I either needed to drive home on Friday or wait until Sunday.  My psychology professor was kind enough to allow me to scan my final and email it to her to submit, so I drove home last night!

And the best part of today....
it snowed!  It snowed!
Before it started snowing, I ran out to grocery store and just happened to come home with...a new haircut, too!

Of course Alice and I had to play in the snow a bit!

It seems so weird to look at my new haircut!  I must have gotten 6 or 7 inches cut off!

Taking photos in the snow isn't easy (for the model or the photographer), but I'm so happy with how these turned out!
If it's snowing where you live, stay inside!  Cuddle up with a warm blanket (and hopefully a snuggly puppy) and relax!



  1. Hooray for being home for break. Your hair looks super cute!!

  2. You look so good! Enjoy your time with Alice and the snow.

  3. yea ok your hair looks fab! so there's that!

  4. Your hair is pretty! Cute picture of you and Alice. Enjoy your time home!