Thursday, January 30, 2014

Slope Side

It's almost my favorite day of the year!  My favorite day of the year is the day I finally get to hit the slopes!  Tomorrow afternoon I'll be heading out to Wintergreen with the Outdoor Program at my college for a little bit of night skiing!  I've been doing this whole skiing thing for...a while.  It started with lessons where my legs were too short to touch the ground from the ski lift, but luckily my legs got a lot longer so the lift operator no longer has to slow down the lift for me to jump off.

If you can believe it...there's even trends on the ski slopes!  While I don't tune into those since I'm only skiing two or three times a year these days, I do take special care in picking my outfit for the evening.  I'm used to skiing at home in the North, but during the day.  So the temperatures skiing in the South at night are sometimes even colder than it would normally be if I was skiing at home.  Plus, the slopes here are always blowing powder, so it's important to stay dry all night.

The tough part about choosing what base layers to wear is that you want to stay warm and dry without overheating or bundling up so much you can't move.  I've pretty much got it down to a science now (give or take a few pieces depending on the weather.)

I like to start out with some kind of Under Armour/wicking shirt.  Although I don't have the one picture in the polyvore set, I'm going to watch for when that one goes on sale at the end of the season!  It's just too cute!  I prefer for mine to have some kind of turtleneck to keep my neck covered, too.  On top of that I layer some kind of fleece or shell, like my Patagonia Snap-T pullover.  On top of all of that, I wear my ski preference is with no hood, since I wear a helmet, but some like the hood to keep the heads warm.

On the bottom, I wear a pair of Patagonia capilene base layer pants, and over that, a pair of ski pants.  This keeps my legs warm and dry, but I can also bend my knees to maneuver my skis.

My favorite part about skiing?!  My skis, themselves!  I was lucky enough to be gifted a pair of skis and boots for Christmas a few years ago, and they make skiing so much more enjoyable!  My boots are perfectly broken in and fit to my foot, and my skis are the perfect length for my height, weight, and ability.  (And of course they're pink!)

Have you ever been skiing before?


  1. I've been skiing since I was about 4, but I haven't gone yet this year! I really want one of those fuzzy patagonias. :)

  2. I went skiing once and it was a disaster! I'm not made for the slopes at.all. Have fun at Wintergreen!!