Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Survive The Chill... In Style

It's hard to deny the fact that the United States is experiencing record low temperatures.  Although I live in a state that is used to cold, even we are not prepared for this extreme chill.  Public schools have had closings or delays all week because it is not safe to have children waiting at the bus stop when it is -25 degrees!

If you have to venture outside in this weather, which I am avoiding at all costs, the key to surviving the chill is layers.  You may feel foolish when you are getting dressed, but you won't regret it when you walk outside and you skin doesn't begin to sting from the cold.

chill #1
You probably looked at the above polyvore set and thought, "Is she crazy? ALL THOSE CLOTHES?!?!"  Yes. All. Of. Those. Clothes.  The great thing about layers is that it keeps you warm while you're outside and driving to your destination, but once you come inside it's easy to shed the layers as you start to warm up.  It might seem excessive to wear a vest over a sweater and under a down jacket, but it keeps you toasty warm!  I actually wore this exact outfit when I ran errands with my mom the other day!  The only part of me that was cold was the tip of my nose!

chill #2

And on the lucky chance that I don't need to look presentable (or I'm just running to class and meetings at school) I'm all about layering the fleece and long sleeve shirts.  If you're wearing Hunters or another kind of rubber boot, which is great to keep your feet dry, remember to either wear fleece liners or thick wool socks to keep your feet dry, as well.  Or if it's -25 where you live...maybe wear both!

What is your "go-to" outfit when the temperatures drop below zero?


  1. I have a giant knee length North Face jacket that is basically a sleeping bag. I wear it shamelessly and love it!

  2. That's pretty much how I dress all winter. I love LL Bean's wook hiking socks. I like to layer long underwear bottoms underneath pants or leggings because the extra layer does wonders for blocking out the wind.

  3. It's so cold! Wellies make those days of melting snow so much warmer!