Saturday, February 15, 2014

5 Steps To The Perfect Paper

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We all hate them...but 95% of the time, we don't have a choice but to write them...papers.  Last week I had a paper due almost every day.  It got me thinking that I follow the same general pattern every time I write a paper, no matter the topic or what class it's for.

Usually in my classes, we're writing papers based on articles or other primary sources, but if your papers aren't based on other text, let me know how you write your papers!

 I know #1 sounds like a no brainer - of course you have to read the material to write a paper on it.  But trust me, I may or may not have tried once or twice to write a paper on a Spanish novel I did not read in it's entirety.  Do you think those papers went well?  Absolutely not.

You're never too old for an outline!  Even if you're just jotting down the main points you want to make in each paragraph, it will help you stay focused while you're writing.  Plus, it will help you to remember everything you wanted to say!  Sometimes when I get to typing away, I get so caught up in a certain paragraph I'll completely forget what else I wanted to say in the paper!  But then I just look at my trusty outline, and we're good to go!

As far as your works cited...once I finish my paper I'm always so glad that it's completely over with, I nearly forget to add my works cited!  My biggest tip?  I usually put works cited at the end of my outline.  Then when I go back and make sure that I wrote about everything I had planned to, I'll see works cited and think "okay! Let me add that now!"

What are some of your tips for writing the perfect paper?

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  1. Citing and referencing are the bane of my life at the moment whilst I'm writing my dissertation (s)! I love this post :)

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