Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#blogeverydayinFEB: Day 11

Day 11: A Story of Traveling

Hands down my favorite place I've traveled to was Spain.  I went during my senior year in high school and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  I wish I had more pictures to share, but unfortunately those are on an external drive at home.  Luckily, I do have a few that I uploaded to facebook!

The trip started with a weekend in Madrid.  From there, our school organized for a private bus to take us to Salamanca.  Our driver, who if I remember correctly, was named Pablo, was quite entertaining.  Although my Spanish teacher told him to take the freeway, as we were all prone to motion sickness, he insisted on taking us through the mountains.  He was so excited when we finally saw a little patch of snow, maybe the size of a textbook, as he exclaimed that he was sure we had never seen such a thing before.  Unfortunately, we're from Pennsylvania, and we had just left about a foot of snow back home!

With my diploma from Estudio Sampere in Salamanca
I graduated from the program with high honors in grammar, composition, and culture.
Once we arrived in Salamanca, we started going to school at Estudio Sampere.  We had grammar lessons in the morning, composition lessons mid-morning, and in the afternoon our teachers (Maria, on the left in the photo, and Ester on the left) would take us on a field trip to visit museums or see other things in the city.

Didn't I have some awesome glasses senior year? They even had zebra print on them....

Our host mom and the school arranged for us to go to Flamenco lessons once morning!
Another fun story of the trip..
We left from the Philadelphia airport on a Sunday evening.  A few days prior, my Spanish teacher (and our chaperone) had found out that her mother was going to be admitted to the hospital.  Even though all of us had insisted that we stay back and leave on a later day, Senora insisted even more than we travel on.  However, when we landed in Madrid, she found out that her mother was even more ill.  Once we arrived to Salamanca, after our weekend in Madrid, Senora unfortunately had to go back to Pennsylvania, leaving us chaperone-less for a few days.  HOWEVER!  After a lucky turn of events, my Aunt Linda flew to Spain, speaking not a word of Spanish, and joined us for the rest of the time!

On the facade of the New Cathedral in Salamanca.
There are actually carvings of an astronaut, a monster with an ice cream cone, a lynx, and a rabbit on the main facade!
On the old cathedral, there is a frog sitting on one of the skulls, and legend has it that if you can find the frog, you will have good luck.

Take me back to Salamanca....