Sunday, February 2, 2014

#blogeverydayinFEB: Day 2

Day #2 (I skipped day #1 for #blogbreakfastinbed): What Fires You Up

When I think of things that "fire me up," I think of things that inspire and motivate me - things that push me to work harder or study a little longer in order to be more successful or try harder.  

What fires me up?  

My GPA from last semester "fires me up" to study just as much, if not more, this semester to continue getting good grades.  My sweet friend Mackenzie fires me up to persevere when situations seem impossible and to strengthen my relationship with Christ.  Good books, like Love Does and The Art of Fielding fire me up by inspiring me to try new things or become a first rate version of myself.  Deep verses, like Mark 11:23, fire me up believe in the power of prayer.

What fires me up?

Washi tape.  Colored pens.  Pink & Green.  An organized dorm room.  Cute mugs.  Rain boots.  English Breakfast Tea.  Sending letters in the mail.  Peonies.  Hydrangeas.  Lilacs.  Lavendar & Navyl

What fires you up?!



  1. An organized room fires me up too! If things are messy it seriously gives me anxiety! Amazes me how a clean room can get the creative juices flowing and just give you leave