Monday, February 24, 2014

#blogeverydayinFEB: Day 24, Guest post from Whim of the South

Day 24: Grab A Guest Post.
Today I asked my good friend Breck to hop on over to life with rMe for a fun guest post!  Thanks for the great post, Breck!

I attend college. I sit through lectures. I complete discussion boards. The exams that I take are the same that the others in the classroom take. The halls the other college students walk through are the same as the ones I do. But I am not a student. Yes, I am enrolled in school. Yes, I have a degree of study. And yes, I participate in classroom discussions. I am not a student in the sense that I’ve never been good at “being a student.” Being a student requires hours of studying, extra time spent on projects to make them perfect, and constant reviews of papers before they’re turned in. That’s never been me. I don’t have a photographic memory or the attention span to sit for hours on end re-reading the same material. My outlets have always been creative ones. I excelled at art class and design class. My creativity showed through on poster projects. And I could never understand why I didn’t do well with exams, the way I do with creative pieces and projects. I express myself through my designs, through my creative writing, and through what I wear.

Instead of doing a “fluff” guest posts, I wanted to write about this topic because it’s close to my heart. Because of how I expressed myself, I chose to major in fashion because it was something that I had a passion about and how I could excel in classes that weren’t so focused on people that were as “right brained” and focused more on those that were “left brained.”

A lot of other young women struggle with this because they do have a creative side and don’t understand why they excel in hands on areas rather than exams. By choosing a major that allows you to express your creativity, you won’t stifle that and will allow your skills to grow and become something amazing. Choose a major that you can have an outlet in. Granted you will still have to apply yourself, but applying yourself will be so much better when it’s something that you enjoy and are passionate about.

You might not be a student, but that doesn’t mean school isn’t for you! 




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