Thursday, February 27, 2014

Junior Week : Costumes

The next five days are going to be filled with all things junior week!
My favorite thing about Sweet Briar are the rich traditions that go back decades...and some of them even to the founding of our college in 1901!

Junior week is the week immediately before junior banquet.  A few days before junior week starts, we receive an email or letter from a senior who remains secret until the end of junior week.  This letter outlines the costume themes for each day.

Monday - Trolls (I was an orange troll)
Tuesday - White Trash Wedding (I was the bride....)
Wednesday - Chung Mung Names! (I'm Gardenia)
Thursday - Men of Tinder
Friday - No costume! We wore our class colors (blue and black) and got ready for the big night!

Although our seniors are secret, I had a strong feeling that mine was my Chung Mung mom, Nina.  She has a specific way of writing that I can always recognize, and when I realized that my costumes were all group costumes with my sisters, it was pretty much finalized that Nina was my senior!

Wednesday - Chung Mung Names
Sneak Peek, Mint Julep, Super Star, Sweet & Sparkly, LooLoo Lemon, Peeping Tom, Gardenia, & Boo Gram
Mint Julep, Peeping Tom, & Gardenia
Thursday Night - Men of Tinder

Join me back here tomorrow to find out about another aspect of junior week!


  1. Your "men of Tinder" costumes are giving me a good laugh! Job well done!! Also, I was the redneck bride during my junior week : )

  2. Glad there is no Trolls pic, you know how much I hate them.