Friday, February 28, 2014

Junior Week : Junior Banquet

Junior Week culminates with a big banquet on Friday night.  It is the highlight of our junior year, and nothing in the world would have prevented me from attending!

This year, our banquet was held at West Manor Estate in Forest, VA.  It was a beautiful venue and my roommate from last year, Amber, did a wonderful job with the decor!

Kaitlyn, Chloe, and myself
Junior Banquet starts with one of my favorite Sweet Briar traditions.  A few months before banquet, you ask someone to write an ode about you to be read at banquet.  You can ask a friend in your class year, your tap club mom, a friend who has already graduated, or even your little.  I asked my friends Kate and Katherine, who are sophomores.

My ode was perfect....mentioning Alice, my blog, and bows.  Basically summarized me in twelves lines of flawless poetry!
I could go on and on about this girl, but let's just leave it with she's my bestfriend
Between odes, we had a wonderful dinner.  I could go on and on about the food, but I'll just say that it was 10000x better than cafeteria food and I wouldn't mind eating like that every night of the week.
My table
Chloe, me, Allison, Kelsey, Caroline, Kaitlyn, Juliette, & Ariel
The highlight of junior banquet is getting our rings and robes! (I'll have a separate post on each of those topics in the new few days.)  We order our rings back in the fall semester, so it's a great surprise that day before banquet when you realize you'll be getting your ring!

Most of my tap class
Glory, glory, y'all!
Chung Mungs
Do y'all have anything like Junior Banquet at your school?


  1. Looks like fun! Never heard of such a thing so this is fun to read.