Monday, March 3, 2014

Junior Week : Robes

The best part about figuring out who our senior is, whether it be during junior week or on the night of junior banquet, is remembering that they are going to eventually hand down their robe to you!

Here at Sweet Briar, seniors have two different robes.  They have the traditional plain black robe that they wear for graduation and a few other ceremonies throughout the year.  But then they also have their decorated robes.  These robes are passed down each year from a senior to their junior at junior banquet.  Each person adds a little something to their robes to represent themselves.  For instance, on the back of my robe, there is a ghost that looks like the little ghostie I had to wear last semester.  Each Chung Mung baby makes one of these for their mom to put on their robes.

Some of the robes date back to the mid 80's!  It's so cool to look at your robe and try to figure out what each little thing means.  Although I had a little inkling all week, I was so excited to find out that my senior was my Chung Mung mom, Nina!  Although we don't have our lineages robe, I'm determined to add some flowers just in case I pass it down to my baby next year.

Does your school have any traditions like this?


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