Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

I've said at least three times that spring is finally coming...but each time I've said it we've proceeded to have a snow storm.  Not cool, mother nature!  But, this week has a forecast full of temperatures over 70 degrees, so I'm confidence that spring is actually finally coming!

Spring temperatures means I can finally pack away my sweaters and pants and pull out shorts and dresses!  I can't tell you how excited I am to stop layering sweaters and vests and put on some of my favorite Lilly shorts!  Plus, spring attire is so much easier...shorts and a tee?  Done!

In preparation for those days of shorts and tees, I'm doing a thorough spring cleaning of my wardrobe.

I've accumulated a lot of clothes over the past few years, and it's cluttering my life way too much!  I'm going to donate any clothes that are still in good condition to Goodwill, throw away anything that is completely worn out, and fill my closet with the bright hues of my spring clothes that have been hiding under my bed for the eternal winter!

The best part about spring?  Being able to have the windows open!  I love a breeze of fresh air in my room!

Join me in spring cleaning this week?


  1. I LOVE Spring Cleaning and this weather is amazing! I already started some of my cleaning but there is still more to do, like breaking out the shorts! yay!

  2. Yes! Love having my windows open too!! I pulled all my spring/summer clothes down last week when it was snowing! HA I was over looking at my sweaters!

  3. I absolutely need to clean my wardrobe out - I always feel the need to start cleaning and organising my life around this time of year - I think it has something to do with revision procrastination haha :P

    The Life & Times of Belle

  4. Could you come do this for me? Except, if I do #1, I might have like 2 outfits left.